Thyroid hyperplasia in a saker falcon (Falco cherrug)


By M. A. Rahim, O. Bakhiet Amel, M. F. Hussein.


An adult female saker falcon ( Falco cherrug ) presented to our falcon medical and research hospital with intermittent regurgitation, dyspnea, and squawking sound. Physical, radiographic, and endoscopic examination revealed a markedly enlarged thyroid gland. Hematological and blood biochemical results were within normal ranges apart from a slight increase in creatinine phosphokinase and aspartate ami- notransferase. Cytological evaluation of fine-needle aspirate from the enlarged gland showed few RBCs and cellular de- bris. Neither inflammatory nor neoplastic cells were found. The condition was diagnosed clinically as unilateral thyroid hyperplasia, a condition which has not been previously reported in saker falcons


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